Income tax returns for 2012

Kelly Murray would like to remind those required to file income tax returns that the deadline for doing so is now less than a month away (October 31st). An extension to the filing deadline is available to those who file and pay using the ROS system, this extends the deadline to November 14th.

Amendment to P30 returns

Kelly Murray wishes to advise clients with employees that Revenue have amended the P30 returns to include fields for the Local Property Tax and to separate out the Universal Social Charge from PAYE and PRSI. More details can be found on the Revenue website here.

VAT Return of Trader Details

Revenue have announced changes to the Return of Trader Details which is required to be filed annually by VAT-registered traders. These include a simplified form and also the ceasing of paper-based RTDs. They are also looking to improve on compliance of the statutory filing of this form. ...

NPPR reminder

Kelly Murray would like to remind clients that the final payment of the NPPR (Non Principal Private Residence) charge must be paid by June 30th 2013 in order to avoid late payment fees. This €200 per property charge is still applicable for 2013 despite the introduction of the Local Property ...

Revenue issue a press release on their website about the alleged attempted credit card fraud by an employee of the company who Revenue had outsourced their Local Property Tax helpline to. That release can be found here.